What is backlinks? How to acquire backlinks for your website?

Backlinks are one of the most important components for improving a website’s visibility and rankings in search engine results. Acquiring quality backlinks is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. Here are some tips on how to acquire backlinks for your website. 

Publish Quality Content:

Producing high-quality, relevant content is one of the best ways to attract links from other websites and build up your backlink profile. Try to create original content that offers valuable insights, including tutorials, research studies, case studies and blog posts that other websites may want to link to. 

Reclaim Lost Links:

As your site grows over time, some of your old links can be lost or forgotten about due to URL changes, or redesigns that move content around the web. Search for 404 errors (page not found) on your website and look for ways to reclaim lost backlinks from previously published content. 

Guest Posting:

Look for blogs or websites in related niches and offer to write guest blog posts with a link back to your own website as part of the article bio section at the end. Be sure you’re providing quality content which adds value for the reader. 


An infographic can provide readers with valuable data in an interesting format and is great way to quickly convey complex information without getting too technical or wordy – it’s also very sharable on social media networks like Twitter or Facebook! Consider creating an infographic on topics related to your business that could contain backlinks pointing visitors towards your own website as part of the description section beneath it when posted online by others. 

Broken Link Building:

A broken link building campaign involves researching dead links within pages across the web, replacing them with a live link pointing back to your own site as a resource which solves their problem/fixes the broken link they had before they came across yours – thus earning yourself a potential backlink! 

Forum & Q&A Platforms:

Become an active member of various forum threads & Q&A platforms such as Reddit, Quora or Yahoo Answers where people can post questions about certain topics related to yours, then make sure you provide valuable responses and include appropriate links back whenever possible – this will help both answer questions and earn yourself more backlinks at the same time! 

Build relationships with bloggers & influencers in related industries:

Use social media tools like BuzzSumo & Followerwonk to search for relevant blogs or influential individuals who have already mentioned similar topics/ideas on their own sites so you can reach out and establish connections with them first hand (and hopefully acquire a few more useful links while doing so). 

Backlinks are an invaluable asset when trying to increase rankings on search engine result pages; following these simple tips will help improve visibility, rankings, authority and traffic sources – good luck!